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A brief description of the book:
OPTIMISTKA is a fascinating love story of a Russian girl born in Moscow in the family of a prominent Soviet scientist and airplane designer. Young, shy and uncertain, Polina meets Andrey, a medical doctor and finds marriage and happiness with him. Her dream for freedom finally leads her to America. What she experiences after that is the difficult time of adjustment and her discovery of a new inner strength that helps her to adapt to her new life. This book is about a strong and optimistic woman’s struggle for success despite many failures and disappointments.  Even when Andrey’s death leaves her grieving, and major financial losses engulf her, Polina’s spirit endures. Polina’s hard work and especially optimism help her to regain success and start a new happy life with the man that she eventually  meets in America. The book is a fictionalized account of the author’s personal experience. While the protagonist’s name and the names of the most characters are fictional, the author has retained the real names of some characters.


This is how my book ends:

            Mother had said many times that each person had to give birth to  at least one child, plant one tree, and build one house to feel that he did not waste his life.

At the moment as Polina looked back at everything she’d accomplished in her life and looked forward to the potential accomplishments of her grandchildren, who were lucky to be born in a wonderful country called America, she felt complete.